Saturday, March 8, 2008

Well, he was supposed to be a cockroach.

One of the best -- at least in my opinion -- "Harry Potter" fanfics out there is an immense, beautiful creation called the Shoebox Project. Set in the schooldays of Harry's parents, it's simply divine. One of the most memorable segments depicts Christmas at Sirius Black's new flat -- a flat so crummy, so horrible, so rundown, that there are cockroaches named Hector that are as big as your head that clack their mandibles and say, in a gravelly and horrendous voice, "Wotcher, Sirius."

So, of course I had to make a Hector for a friend who's also a SBP fan.

Done around Christmas 2006, this was my second attempt at plush, and while it doesn't quite look like a cockroach, I think he's pretty cute.

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