Monday, March 10, 2008

Poor, forgotten blanket.

My first crocheting project ever was a huge blanket I made for my mom -- it was a huge project, but by the end I felt very comfortable with crocheting. I decided last fall that I'd make myself a smaller blanket, for my little twin bed up here in Bellingham. I bought beautiful pinks, grays and white yarn; it's Caron's Simply Soft brand, which is nice and cheap, but I love their colors and it's a very soft, light-weight yarn.

Isn't it pretty? It's going to have stripes of varying colors and will hopefully fit my twin sized bed nicely. I didn't really measure the blanket as much as I should've, so it's a little long, but that's okay with me. I haven't worked on it for a while, but I really should. The colors cheer me up.

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Anonymous said...

I kinda want to do something like that, with really soft yarns. :o