Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What's this? Other WoW plush? Well, that's exciting. Intrigued by some comments I had gotten on my Voidwalker plush post a few months ago, I decided to google-search for more Warcraft plush, and -- tadah!

Definitely a different approach, since mine is much more abstract and, well, cute! Gobi's is interestingly "realistic," in a way, and I love how sculpted all his pieces are. The main reason my voidwalker is so simple is merely because I didn't know how to create such a perfect model of the demon's actual body.

If you check out Gobi's site, he's also done a murloc, complete with free pattern! I'm pretty sure I have to try this out.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


A week or so ago, I decided to go about making my first piece of clothing based off of a pattern. A simple pair of pajama pants, with these lovely flannel prints that I got a very long time ago:

I'm happy to say the pants came out fitting very well, except... I shortened the pattern a little in the waist area, and now they're a tad TOO short. Let's just say I shan't be bending over while wearing these pants, hm?

Next time I can get my hands on some cheap flannel, I'm going to try again, without so many liberties regarding the pattern. It was surprisingly easy, and I definitely boosted my confidence regarding patterns.


So many of my crafts are gifts for my mom, either by specific request from her or just because I make something I think she'd like.

This belt, modeled by me here, was asked for specifically by her, after she found this tutorial on how to make a flower tulle belt for way less than J Crew would like to charge for it. (The blog, generally, is quite a fun read. Now that I have to dress professionally every day, it's nice seeing how other people do it with flair!)

So, today, I put together a belt for my mom. It turned out quite well, and very cute! I might have to make one for myself, actually.

Been a while, hasn't it?

A lot has happened since my last post.. I moved home from collegetown, settled in with my family again, and started applying in earnest for any sort of writing job available. Unfortunately, nothing directly related to my major has worked out, but I am starting as a receptionist for an insurance agency in a week. It'll be a good starting job, I think.

In the meanwhile, I've kept myself busy with a few crafts, including finally finishing my dinosaur quilt!

It's a bit smaller than I expected, but very cuddly and fun. I inserted a layer of batting between the material, so it's softer than it would be on its own. Now I just need a little boy to give it to! Or a little girl, let's not be sexist now.