Wednesday, February 18, 2009

... really? My last post was in September? How embarrassing.

I'm back. Really! I'm determined to bring this blog back to life, at least as much as it was before. Blogging inspires me to craft, but unfortunately crafting doesn't inspire me to blog. Mostly because I'm too busy and I don't feel like I've done anything noteworthy.

Since graduating college and getting a 9-5er job, I've had notably less time to sew, but a lot more time to crochet and knit! that sort of thing can be done anywhere, so I've taken to bringing whatever project I'm working on EVERYWHERE. I don't have any pictures of my own projects, not yet anyway, but here are a few of the patterns I've done or have been working on:

Life is Uneven Cowl: I've actually finished this project, in a lovely deep red. I didn't have quite enough yarn to do all the required rows, so mine only has 28 or so, but I like it alright. It was fun learning the yarn over and knit two together techniques. I feel like I can finally do somewhat *fancy* things with yarn!!

Pythagorean Scarf: I'm working on this right now, in a lovely heathered expresso yarn from my new favorite yarn store, Renaissance Yarns in Kent. I love how easy and simple this pattern is, while creating a beautiful effect, with only purling and knitting! AWESOME.

My next project is going to be a Invisibility Shawl from the Charmed Knits book that a dear friend gave me a year or so ago. Mine's going to be a light blue, not the suggested gray, just because I fell in love with the blue when I saw it at the store. This should be an interesting project, although I'm a little daunted by the various techniques I'll have to learn.

If you were wondering why now, of all times, I decided to pick up my dear old blog again, it's because during my spare time at work I've been perusing some lovely blogs that have reminded me how much fun this is. One is, for instance, FringeLore, which is Julie's beautiful blog where she showcases her steampunk jewelry. It's amazing! A friend and I have recently started dabbling in steampunk fashion, and I want to buy everything in her Etsy shop. Amazingly enough, she's currently having a giveaway for SIX pairs of earrings! Or is it seven? Either way, AMAZING. She's awesome. I strongly suggest checking out her stuff, but only if you have a hanky nearby to wipe up your drool.