Thursday, June 26, 2008

A year of dinosaurs!

I really like making dinosaurs, because they're relatively easy and always a hit. I've been a fan of dinosaurs since I was a kid and briefly considered getting my degree in paleontology, even! Well, that didn't happen -- I graduated a week and a half ago from Western with a degree in English literature -- but I can still continue making them!

This is the first dinosaur I made, just about a year ago, for a friend's birthday (and it's her birthday again this Saturday! Happy birthday, Jess!). He's from felt and turned out really well, I think.

This fellow came to be last winter, as a present to myself. I used basically the same design as the previous dinosaur, but I used cotton instead of felt. Since the seams are exposed, he's fraying a bit, but he's very cuddly.

Now -this- guy I just made last week for another friend's birthday. While the other two are psuedo-stegosauruses, this one is something of a longneck dino, although my mom thinks he looks more like Nessie.

I've been commissioned to make a pink dinosaur sometime soon, and I might attempt a t-rex sort of guy for that one.

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Brenda said...

OK--I need a pattern for these!!! Or a tutorial!!!! My daughter is desperate for dinosaurs and there are SO cute!

Did you seriously make these up?