Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food and yarn!

I made some delicious banana-chocolate bread the other day. From scratch! I've made banana bread from a mix before, just adding my own bananas, but this time I did it on my own. It turned out really well. Very moist and delicious. The chocolate chips made it.

I've been working a lot on knitting and crocheting lately. I've finally knitted a scarf! Well, almost. I haven't finished it yet, because casting/binding off scares me. I'm not sure I quite understand how it works, so I might wait until I can find someone to show me in person.

I've also figured out how to crochet in the round! It's much easier than I thought it would be, so I'm trying to make a scarf in this method for my roommate before I leave Bellingham (on Sunday! Ahh!). Maybe once I get this down, I can try making some cute little yarn amiguri!

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